Confronting The Classics Mary Beard

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Cambridge University academic Mary. Beard discussed Wendy Doniger’s book being withdrawn, why it’s vital to question our classics — and why women are often keen to do so: Why is it important to.

Early on in Confronting the Classics, Mary Beard tells the story of the Roman Emperor Elagabalus, who "used to seat his dinner guests on cushions that, unbeknownst to them, were full of air. As the.

Thank god for Mary Beard or, as she simply calls herself. Beard has a new book of essays out called Confronting the Classics, in which she argues for the future of her subject with typical verve.

The blurb claims that Mary Beard’s latest book offers "a provocative tour of what is happening now in classics – learned, trenchant and witty". This isn’t just idle hype. The selection of essays that.

Professor Mary Beard, the classicist. Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival about her new book, Confronting the Classics, she added modern museums had also done a "huge amount" to attract.

In the introduction to her new collection of book reviews, "Confronting the Classics" (Liveright, 320 pp., $28.95), Mary Beard acknowledges that fewer students study Latin and Greek today. Still, she.

Classicists are lucky to have Mary Beard as an advocate for their subject. More importantly, the reading public are lucky to have her as an ambassador from the world of classics. Denis Feeney is Giger.

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Scutts is a freelance writer and an adjunct professor at New York University. CONFRONTING THE CLASSICS Traditions, Adventures and Innovations By Mary Beard Liveright. 310 pp. $28.95.

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Add to that classical recapitulation another: “Women & Power,” by Mary Beard. As I wrote when I profiled Beard, in 2014, she has also become one of Britain’s most visible feminists, confronting.

As too, Mary Beard tells us, did the Emperor Elagabalus. While sharing the first of these anecdotes in Confronting the Classics, the author praises Augustus for his ability to laugh at himself. Yet.

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Speaking with the studied understatement of a Cambridge professor, classics scholar Mary Beard says of Plato. textbook for repressive governments. But Beard, in the U.S. to promote her newest book,

Mary Beard is pretty well British public intellectual of the. I was really looking forward to her new Confronting the Classics, but I was a little disappointed on opening it to find a little-edited.

If Cambridge professor Mary Beard’s conversation is anything like her wise and elegant book reviews for the Times Literary Supplement, London Review of Books and New York Review of Books, 31 of which.

Mary Beard is that rare thing. The Times Literary Supplement (where she is classics editor), and The New York Review of Books – Beard answers that age-old question: why do we study the classics,

"The tolerance of the Emperor Augustus in the face of quips and banter of all sorts," Mary Beard tells us. This is the chief pleasure of Beard’s keen, absorbing new collection of essays and reviews.

Easy to forget, I know, but Mary Beard is a classicist. Yet bottom-up is not quite the approach here. That’s because Confronting the Classics is actually a collection of book reviews, and.

Away from the manufactured outrage over Mary Beard daring to speak her mind about immigration. The only caveat is the decision to upsell the book as confronting the Classics. What it does –.

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